Augmented Reality Book by Scorpion Dagger

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Book Design

Design of an augmented reality book for .gif animation artist Scorpion Dagger. (App design by Takeshi Mukai).


Create an interactive art book for the animator Scorpion Dagger. Using augmented reality, animations can be viewed in a traditionally printed book utilizing a custom iOS app.


The design must look good as a standalone picture book and fluidly play the animations when viewed through a mobile device’s screen.


An individual still-frame of an animation is printed on the page of the book. This image is a trigger to tell the augmented reality app to play the animation on the screen of a user’s iOS device.

Scorpion Dagger Augmented Book Cover
Scorpion Dagger Augmented Reality Art Book
Scorpion Dagger Augmented Reality Art Book

Client Testimonial.

This is exactly how I wanted my first (serious) book to turn out. Actually, it’s even better. It’s at times super nerve wracking when you give your work to someone to do something with, and this design more than exceeded my expectations.

– James Kerr (AKA. Scorpion Dagger)

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