stART on Douglas – Sidewalk Kiosk

Services & Deliverables

Public Art Installation
Furniture Design, Sculpture.


Produce an installation where the public can pause to enjoy their meal from the adjacent food truck.

Requirements: The tables needed to fit seamlessly within the sidewalk lightposts and remain low profile as to not obstruct walking traffic.


Small birds seen hopping around under the tables of local cafés and outdoor eating areas in Victoria were the inspiration for this project. The arrows represent the arrival, feeding and departure of these birds. These eating kiosks were designed to be a quick stopping spot to eat while travelling through town.


The final sidewalk tables and canopies seamlessly integrate into the Douglas & Yates corner. These easily accessible tables receive a warm glow from the yellow plexiglass canopy, to help energize those grey rainy Victoria days.

stART on Douglas Sidewalk Food Truck
stART on Douglas Sidewalk Food Truckv
stART on Douglas Sidewalk Food Truck
start on douglas sidewalk kiosk victoria
start on douglas sidewalk kiosk victoria

stART on Douglas

Douglas & Yates – The Heart of Victoria

Douglas and Yates is a major intersection in downtown Victoria. The DVBA created the stART on Douglas project to revitalize the area and improve the space for local residents. A bike shelter and repair station, interactive art installation and the project which Leaven collaborated on a sidewalk food kiosk.

The theme of the food kiosk installation was based on local migration and the momentary pauses we take throughout the day to eat. We were influenced by small birds like the finch flying in, eating under the tables of a sidewalk café then off to their next destination.

Goals &
Key Features

What was accomplished?

✔ Provide an area where locals can stop and have a space to eat and meet.

✔ Create a functional streamlined space that didn’t obstruct pedestrian traffic.

✔ Integrated design that is both striking and blends in with the surrounding architecture.

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